Know your competitor's Price and Occupancy

How this will help you

Best Price in Market

Since you know the price of others, you can set best price for your properties and stand out of the crowd.

High Occupancy

As your property has best price in market, your occupancy will be always high and you get high revenue.

High Revenue

When you see availability in market is low, you can increase the price and generate highe revenue than ususal.

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List of Competitors

Low Occupancy Time

High Occupancy Time

What More we can offer

Direct Booking Website

With all your properties listed with desired price, and latest up to date design

Booking Management

Collect additional info, documents and special demands of users and manage them.

Revenue Management

We will create a system for you to decide your prices based on factors like holidays, weekends etc.

Task Management

To Manage all your cleaning and supervision team efficiently and timely.

Owner Portal

Dashboard for owners for them to track their revenue share & details about properties.

Finance Management

Tried and tested philosophies to record and analyse what is income and expenses.